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Since 1994, J. and D.’s Garden have been extremely dedicated to providing permanent sculpted botanical pieces for our clients both in the United States and abroad. In fact, our mission is to brighten up any room with your favorite plant or floral arrangement.

Because detail is so important to us, some of our pieces can take months to create. We work very hard to make this art special for each of our clients. Our only hope at J. and D’s Garden, is that when our clients see their unique creations, they feel as much joy and happiness as we do when creating these pieces.

Love and care are sculpted into each design. We look forward to sharing this with you.

Jimmy's Bio Picture
Jimmy Nichols
Lead Artist/Co-Owner

Jimmy Nichols has always led a creative life. Majoring in Garment Design, Pattern Making and Construction, Jimmy began his artistic career within the textile industry in his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky.

In 1994 he began working at a local ceramic shop. This is where his journey with clay and glazes began.

“Taking what I learned at the ceramic shop, I began to experiment with clay. I started sculpting animal figures like those I had seen in the Staffordshire pieces from England. My work then graduated to fruits and vegetables in life-size forms. In studying the fruits, I realized that they needed flowers and leaves to enhance their life-like appearance. While developing the flowers for these pieces, I was asked if I could make a single flower that could be ‘planted’ into a pot as though it were growing. “

Motivated by live plants as well as photographs, Jimmy studies every aspect of a flower to capture the necessary detail to recreate them in clay.

A single flower can contain as many as 450 individual pieces. All components, from the pot to the delicate petals, are handmade, hand painted, glazed and kiln fired. The naturalistic flowers feature intricate details such as a tiny hole eaten by an imaginary bug or a sun kissed leaf.

Talented designers such as: Charles Faudree, Mario Buatta, Laura Kauffman, John Gust, Bill Ford, and many more have helped Jimmy keep his creative mind working and challenged.

Daniel's Bio Picture
Daniel Carlisle
Apprentice Artist/Co-Owner

Daniel Ray Carlisle started creatively working as a floral designer in 2004, in Huntsville, AL. With over 10 years of floral design experience, he brings a different and unique perspective to J. and D.’s Garden. While working in the business management world Daniel also began training with Jimmy starting in 2012. In 2019 Daniel began working full time with Jimmy helping to run the business, and became Jimmy’s apprentice.

Daniel’s main priority is to keep J. and D’s Garden moving towards the future. “It’s such an honor to learn from such an amazing artist. Jimmy’s ability to deconstruct and then sculpt is absolutely breathtaking, and I never take a second with him for granted.”

Porcelain Tulip

For quite some time, Jimmy And Daniel have been experimenting with porcelain to create a line of fine porcelain botanicals to expand their garden into new heights. Years of working with clay sculpture has been prepared them to grow into new processes in design and motion.

Each leaf is copper and pressed to create life like growth. We started with the tulip because it is one of their favorite flowers and a perfect start to allow for porcelain to bring it to life. This process is a culmination of years of research, and experiments that will grow to new products and will be an amazing adventure in art and design.

We hope you enjoy!


In 2021 J And D’s Garden began selling their candle line and has been so successful that we are thrilled to have them in the online store for our clients to enjoy and purchase. Each candle is handcrafted in our terra cotta pots. In partnership with whatilove - an Alabama-based company, each scent has been personally curated by Jimmy And Daniel. Our candles are 100% Beeswax and based purely in essential oils with no parabens.

Jimmy And Daniel have always been dedicated to creating products that are hand made with love and hope that you enjoy!

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